Summer, spring, autumn, winter, oh my!!! Y’all for real, I love all the seasons because it gives us the ability to change things up in the simplest of ways— Clothing. Now, I’m not gonna sit here and front like majority of what I wear isn’t business casual or leggings and a tank. I’m not, cause after a long day at work, once I come home, I throw off that skirt and blazer and put on something comfy to wear while I drink my wine (, you’ll see that wine is a big part of my life, in a healthy way obviously lol).

But when I get that chance to go somewhere outside of work, whether it be the Farmers Market on a Sunday morning or to watch my brother’s or boyfriend’s basketball game, I love putting on something super cute and trendy, beat my face a little, or sometimes a lot, drop down the hair, and stunt. I love that about fashion and beauty. It allows you to creatively express yourself outside of work and home. You can show people who you are through your style, taste and clothes.

If your job happens to allow you to wear leggings and a tank to work— I’M JEALOUS— because you can still stunt on the haters and look super cute! I hope that my blog is a platform so that we can interact with each other by bouncing ideas back and forth. If I wear something and you don’t like it, tell me! If you do like it, tell me. Either way, I’ll make sure to tell you where I got it and how you can add it to your wardrobe. Let’s slay together!

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  1. Nice post! i totally agree with you. We tend to be such ardent fashion followers that we forget comfort. We wear clothes that we feel uncomfortable in, surpassing the importance of comfort. We should wear the clothes in which we feel comfortable.

  2. I need your help! I recently got a new job and I have no idea what to wear the first day. I can wear leggings and jeans, but I don’t want to wear that just yet lol

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