Like most people, the hardest part about working out is finding the motivation. When I played volleyball, my motivation was found in my love for the game. I never had to be in charge of putting together a personal workout plan. Instead, I had coaches that handed out schedules from August to May, followed with intense summer workout programs. Since I was 13, I never had to think about the types of workout or how much cardio I needed to complete for that day, I just did whatever fitness regimen coach had designed for us to do.

Now that I am a retired Division 1 athlete — Setter at Elon University— I took some time to rest my body. I ate what I wanted, when I wanted. I binge-watched Netflix (not that I wasn’t doing that before, and not that I won’t continue to… I mean, have you seen Grey’s Anatomy?!) and I wasn’t feeling bad about it. For those of you who are or have been athletes at a collegiate level, you can probably relate to this. Every second of rest is extremely valuable and unforgettable.

After my long period of continuously binging on Netflix, adopting free-spirted eating habits, and lots of needed rest, there
came a time where I hated the way my body looked. There were rolls in places that I would have never imagined them being. I would walk up a flight of stairs and be out of breath. Blame it on the large bowl of Queso I ate in one sitting (s/o to Elon University’s Qdoba). Not that I didn’t love every second of not having a care in the world, I was just so used to having my body look a certain way, and it was hard accepting the way it is now, post-volleyball days.

Then I started my “real life adulting” job. While doing that, I had every intention of working out, but as any newly college graduate would feel, life can get extremely overwhelming. Finding the time, energy and will power to hit the gym after a long day of earning that coin was and continues to be a struggle.
***Side note: Let’s not forget that one thing that is always there for me at the end of a tiring day, that helps me unwind and destress, my nice glass(s) of wine!

Let me just break it to you straight, I have yet to master my fitness life. I have yet to figure out a consistent way to stay fit and active, but I want to figure it out alongside you guys! I want to share all of my daily fitness struggles and failures with you, as well as my success and triumphs. If I happen to stumble upon a specific workout that I love and really works for me, I’ll most definitely share it with you. I want to go through this fitness life and learn and struggle together! Let’s motivate each other, cry with each other, stretch out those sore muscles that tell us we be workin’ hard baby! I want to do it all with you guys so that way we are never alone. I can’t wait to start this health and fitness journey with y’all!

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  1. Sydel Thank you! Im past college but sure can use some inspiration! Congrats and look forward to my journey right along side you!

  2. I totally relate to the way you are feeling because I, too, am on the path of learning how to master a healthy lifestyle. As a sophomore in college, it is hard for me to eat healthy when I am under lots of stress but I have learned to adopt good habits and make better choices. I also played volleyball in high school as a setter so I get that feeling of relief you felt when you were done after you’ve been playing for so many years. I’m looking forward to reading more about your fitness journey! Much love xoxo

  3. It is a struggle for real! My main problem is not remaining consistent in what I eat. I have a sweet tooth. After burning 400 calories in the gym, I go back to indulging in a 350 calories slice of cake. My question is:; how can I control myself?

  4. Welcome to the blogging world Hun!! I wish you all the best on your journey. I am an NYC blogger and I own InfluencebyTiffany. I’m always looking to collab so feel free to reach out. I’ll be in San Francisco for AfroTech Nov 9th-12th.

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